Our Inspired Product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is a river that flows into eternity. We are just explorers who track this river. Through our products, this wonder, which has always existed in nature, meets you.

We now know that olive oil is the healthiest oil… It prevents bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, thins blood and reduces atherosclerosis. It protects against cancer due to antioxidants in its structure. It has been scientifically proven that olive oil benefits memory, immunity, sexuality, and even skin and joints. Our knowledge about olive oil is as old as written history, and it is as sacred by all religions.

Our Carefully Prepared Product

We carefully collect our crops, process them meticulously, preserve them under the most suitable conditions and make them available to your consumption.

What is Extra Virgin ?

It is the pure state of olive oil… "Extra virgin" oil has been called "Virgin-dolci olivi" since ancient times. Nowadays, we call the lowest acidity of the oil produced on that day, if possible, without losing much time from the olives that have been picked off from their branches. In fact, in the food codex, it is called extra-virgin oil with a free acidity level of 2 and below however, the experts do not call the oil with a free acidity level higher than 0.8 as extra-virgin oil. The acidity of the olive begin to increase from the moment when it is pulled off the branch. Acidity directly affects the quality.

What We Offer You

It is produced by using olives which are collected carefully and manually, without waiting and without any mixing.

Our Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives collected on the Aegean coast of Anatolia, it has not been refined, there was no external intervention for the cracking process, so it naturally contains the fruit flavor of the olive.

Olives are not exceeding 26 ° C, which is the reason for the method to be called Cold Pressed, and processed with a special continuous system, in a stone pressing quality and even more hygienic (healthy), and olive oil is extracted.

We Keep It Nicely For You

Our products are waiting to reach you in healthy conditions. You don't have to worry about storage conditions.

Get Inspired

The most beautiful treasure of Anatolia awaits you in this healthy environment to meet you.