Worth your skin.

Today, we must first face the fact that our habits are trying to be directed by an order that forces us to consume excessive consumption.

However, naturally, like all living things, we must demand natural products. But even our selectivity in this regard has declined.

With its soft structure, Olive Oil Soap is an excellent bath soap. Using Olive Oil Soap is primarily a matter of culture. It is a product of the Anatolian Turkish Bath culture.

In addition to its traditional use, it is the soap preferred by everyone who cares about naturality. Olive oil soap, which is rich in vegetable oil, contains vitamins E, D and K. Olive oil soap used in bathroom is a natural product that you can safely use in general body, face and hair cleaning.

The Gift of Olive Fruit to Humanity: Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil soap, which has its unique light and refreshing scent, also contains high levels of vitamin E. Due to use of exaggerated cosmetic materials, malnutrition, intense sugar, smoking, insufficient sleep, air pollution and genetic factors, you can keep your skin that is aging rapidly not only by nourishing well, but also by using natural soaps.

With Goat Milk: Keeps your skin soft and mousturized.

Olive Oil, Clay, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Raw Goat Milk.

With Lavender: Produces a cooling effect, makes your body more relaxed and smooter, cleans your skin without irritating.

Olive Oil, Lavender, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

With Daphne: It helps prevent hair loss and dandruff. Rejuvenates your skin and your body, cleans and opens up pours.

Olive Oil, Laurel, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

With Thyme: Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it is effective against varicose veins, puberty pimples and scalp wounds. It is naturally contained Thymol disinfectant.

Olive Oil, Thyme, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

It stimulates new cell generation, slows down wrinkle development and gives skin a youthful look. Olive oil soap provides anti-inflammatory effects to help heal skin abrasions, rashes and even sunburns. Olive oil soap is known to provide relief to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

With Clay: Helps clean and remove dead skin cells and toxins.

Nourishes the skin.

Olive Oil, Clay, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

With Rose: Rose leaves have ingradients which relax, soften and smoothen the skin. Cleans the skin withour irritating.

Olive Oil, Rose, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

With Juniper Tar: Helps treatment of several skin conditions including fungal infections, ichy skin and psoriasis.

Olive Oil, Juniper Tar, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

With Nettle: Helps treatment of eczema, fungal infections and inflammatory conditions on the skin.

Olive Oil, Nettle, Soap Base, Water, Salt and Fragrance.

If you have normal, non-irritable skin, you can use olive oil soap on your face perfectly as well.

With Sulphur: It prevents the formation of blackheads and acne.

Olive Oil, Sulphur, Soap Base, Water, Salt.

There are at least 5 Natural Olive Oil benefits that all women need to know.

A Natural Anti-aging Beauty Regimen Olive oil is considered as an effective anti-aging solution because it contains oleic acid and polyphenols. These important components work together in order to improve the texture and skin tone. This gives every woman the skin she wants while combating early signs of aging.

Olive Oil Soap is Best for All Skin Types Since olive oil is a natural and healthy component, it can be used for any skin type. Everyone in your family from babies to adults can be able to take advantage of the natural olive oil soap benefits.

Promotes Healthier and More Radiant Skin Since olive oil is rich in antioxidants, it can contribute to healthier and more radiant skin through reversing oxidation as well as repelling unnatural and damage-causing free radicals. These elements are responsible for health problems, breakouts and skin diseases. Naturally Rich in Vitamins Olive oil is known to be a natural source of essential nutrients and vitamins that are important to help you look and feel healthy at all times.

Helps Soothe Mild to Serious Skin Conditions We all know that people with dry skin conditions, such as eczema and other complexion problems, like acne, are more susceptible to serious skin diseases. Fortunately, the natural healing power of olive oil can be the best remedy for all types of skin complications as it can penetrate the skin and moisturize dry patches effectively.